PAMR provides a wide range of products to give early-to-use concrete admixtures, as they have promoted the development of numerous new concrete technologies in the past few decades.

Projects designed and constructed to provide ease to society and bring a boom to the economy are known as infrastructure projects. Some examples of Infra projects would be highways, underground power lines, transportation systems, communication networks, water and electric systems, and other systems that are constructed for a community or a society at large.  

Infrastructure projects are extensive and often encounter a lot of challenges owing to the location and expanse of construction. PAMR solutions help to speed up the process, reducing the time taken for the project to be functional and active.  

With the advent of poly carboxylate-based superplasticizer, concrete with high strength and retention of slump could be produced. It has made highly durable concrete and deemed Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC) possible, solving major issues for construction projects. Also known as self-consolidating concrete, SCC is a highly flowable, non-segregating concrete that can spread into place, fill formwork and encapsulate even the most congested reinforcements, all without any mechanical vibration.  

As per current practices, admixtures are an essential component for any modern concrete formula, as they play a significant role in the sustainable development of concrete technology.  

Meeting all requirements of SCC for megaprojects has been a challenge for concrete producers that make ready-mix concrete available. They struggle to attain uniform production quality, longer slump retention, self-compatibility without segregation, and excellent rheology. 

This makes the selection of the right admixture, the right type of concrete making material, and its trial run all phenomenally important in order to achieve desired results for a high-quality infra project. 

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