PAMR has innovated excellent solutions to support the construction and waterproofing of ports and their supporting structures like bridge pilings, wharves, seawalls, desalination conduits, locks, and other such constructions.

India has a vast coastline and hence is covered with ports, harbours, and naval posts. India is expected to face a robust demand in the ports sector. 

It is expected that by October 2022, the cargo traffic to be handled by India’s major ports to reach around 407Metric Tonnes, a 14.50% increase over the same period last year.  

As part of the Sagarmala project, more than 574 projects worth Rs.6 lakh crore (US$ 82 billion) have been planned for implementation between 2015 and 2035.  

PAMR supports its home country in these growth initiatives by being a leading supplier of solutions that protect concrete against the penetration of water, cracking, damages by water or other factors, corrosion, and other such challenges when construction is taking place at the port.  

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